Give a Little Love to Yourself

Tuesday, November 09, 2010 | Around Town, Campaigns, Things We Love, current affairs, Demi Lovato, music, news, self-esteem, stress, Twinkies

Yet another celebrity has recently melted-down and gone to rehab, but for once it was not due to drug use. Demi Lovato, the 18-year-old singer and star of Disney’s “Camp Rock” and “Sonny with a Chance,” cut her current tour with the Jonas Brothers short and admitted herself into a medical center for “emotional and physical issues.” Apparently, the girl was bullied a lot in grade school and has struggled with bulimia and self abuse for years. This makes me very sad.

Shutterstock_934910 I hate to see anybody suffer with their self-image, whether it’s a result of bullying, social demands, daily stresses, imagery from the media and/or low self-esteem. Girls can be cruel, but we are often hardest on ourselves. I feel bad about myself sometimes, and I have to make an effort to be my own cheerleader. It can be tough, but you have to be our own best friend, not your worst enemy!

Stop the Negativity

We do it too often. We say negative things. I dare you to look into the mirror every day and say something empowering to yourself. I try to remember to tell myself each morning that “I’m smart. I’m beautiful, and I’m going to make this the best day I can!” This sounds cheesy, but try it anyways. Just like downing yourself can start to sink-in, encouragement can lift your spirits. Also, would it hurt to compliment somebody once in a while? We all love to hear praise. Pay it forward.

Check Yourself Before you Wreck Yourself

It’s easy to not take care of yourself and let life overwhelm you. Stress is a nasty beast that needs to be kept in check. Don’t forget to treat yourself to some much needed R&R. I love to take hot baths to melt the stresses away. Exercise is also a fantastic double whammy, making you physically healthy and releasing endorphins, those wonderful brain chemicals that relieve stress and pain and replace them with good vibes. I love yoga, pilates, and playing Dance Dance Revolution! Play games. Have fun. Surround yourself with friends and family. Go out, but be sure to get enough sleep. Heck. Allow yourself a sweet treat, even if you’re trying to watch what you eat. You deserve it!

Get Help

If you are so deep in anxiety and depression that you can’t handle it, get help like Demi Lovato did. There is no shame in seeing a doctor if you’re suffering. Depression, anxiety, self abuse and eating disorders are not to be taken lightly, and you don’t have to go it alone. See a counselor or doctor.Photo

 I wish Demi Lovato a speedy recovery and nothing but the very best going forward. As for the rest of you
ladies and gents, love yourselves and each other. Everybody has “fat days” and “downer days,” but we should all be proud of who we are. I am posting this pic of myself from last week, saluting you with a chocolate covered Twinkie I still feel bad about consuming (How many calories was that? Like a few thousand?!) and saying “We are all beautiful, Pür and Simple!”