Pür Creates a Sensation in the Philippines

Thursday, November 04, 2010 | Around Town, Campaigns, events, news

KSP_796 This fall, Pür Minerals made its Asian debut, launching in the Philippines to instant acclaim. At the helm was Pür Vice President of Global Relations and international spokesperson Lynnette Cole who demonstrated the brand’s multitasking skin fitness benefits and fielded questions at Rustan’s department store in the capital of Manila. It was here that Tetta Matera, a writer for The Philippine Star, caught up with her and had her first beauty—pür and simple experience. Here’s an excerpt from their interview:

PHILIPPINE STAR: I have never heard of Pür Minerals before. Where is the brand from?

LYNNETTE COLE: Pür Minerals is a 10-year-old makeup brand from Atlanta, Georgia, so I can proudly say it is a made-in-the-USA line of makeup and skincare products.

PS: Where else in the world is Pür Minerals available outside the US?

LC: You can buy Pür Minerals in Canada, Germany, London and now here in the Philippines at all Rustan’s Department Stores.

PS: So this is your first foray into the Asian market. Why the Philippines?

LC: The people of Rustan’s approached us and we’d heard of Rustan’s impeccable reputation and track record, so we knew the Philippines through Rustan’s would make a great first stop in Asia.

PS: There has been a deluge of mineral makeup on the market lately, each one positioning itself as the best. What sets Pür Minerals apart from all the other brands?

LC: First of all, we don’t want irritants on the skin, so Pür Minerals is 100 percent pure and natural mineral makeup; none of our products contain talc, fillers, chemical dyes, petroleum-based oils and fragrance, which have been found to be the main cause of irritation for every type of skin. Our products are particularly beneficial because they are full of vitamins, especially vitamin E, essential oils, shea butter and other natural ingredients that promote healthy, radiant and youthful skin. Because of our products’ formulation, our makeup stays longer on the skin without excessive or repeated application.

PS: Certain makeup products are only good for certain types of skin. Is that true of Pür Minerals?

LC: Certainly not. Pür Minerals is great for all types of skin; its micronized formulation prevents the face from looking pasty, instead giving the skin a translucent effect. It is ideal for oily skin because it has no oils that can clog the pores and make the skin look shiny. It is wonderful for dry skin, too, because it contains no talc, so makeup doesn’t settle in the fine lines and wrinkles, making the skin look dry and old. It is also great for sensitive skin because it has none of the irritants commonly found in other makeup brands and perfect for sun-sensitive skin because the foundations utilize titanium dioxide, a mineral that provides SPF 15.

PS: Aside from a complete range of makeup, what other products does Pür Mineral carry?

LC: Our skincare products are just as exciting and extensive as our makeup line. We have, for example, Mineral Melt and Mineral Quick Clean makeup cleansers that nourish the skin and condition the lashes as well. A product I carry with me everywhere is the Fulvic Mineral Mist because it’s lovely for hydrating and soothing the face, body and hair. Of course, we’ve got the Mineral Moisture Complex, a powerhouse anti-aging moisturizer that helps increase collagen production and synthesis in the underlying layer of our skin and many, many more.

PS: Which among the Pür Mineral products is your favorite?

LC: Oh, that’s very difficult! Can I pick three? An absolute must-have for me is the foundation primer because it conditions and nourishes my skin substantially and conceals my facial imperfections. Next would be what I call “the 60 seconds to beauty” 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup, which happens to be our best-selling product as well, because it works as a foundation, concealer, finishing powder and sun protector. It only takes 60 seconds to dip, draw and dust the pressed powder for a flawless look. Last but not least, I swear by the Mudd Masque, which I lovingly call “the DdrewUDE” (deep cleanses, unclogs, detoxifies, and exfoliates).

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