Glamour Ghouls

Thursday, October 28, 2010 | Around Town, Things We Love, Tips & How-Tos, application tips, Costume Makeup, current affairs, Halloween, Jersey Shore, Lady Gaga, product highlights, True Blood, Twilight, Vampires, Zombies

Spider Halloween is just around the corner, and this holiday is such a fun way to kick-off the fall! What are you going to be for the freaky festivities and spooky shenanigans? I’m not sure what kind of costume I’ll wear,  but one thing’s for sure. I don’t plan to use any oily, face paint that costs extra money and could irritate my skin. Instead, I’ve come-up with ways to use cosmetics from home!

Top Celebrity Costumes

Browsing the top Halloween costumes of 2010, Lady Gaga and the Jersey Shore crew are among the favorites.  What do you need to accomplish a spooky Snookie? Peach Primer and lots and lots of Mineral Glow! Get that extreme tan going! My brother used this technique last week to dress like The Situation, and with his glorious Mineral-Glow_Angle fake tan, the boy fist pumped his way to Halloween costume glory. The Lady Gaga look requires the same amount of drama, just with different makeup. Use Mineral Eye Prep and don’t be afraid to go wild with your eye shadow and eyeliner. For both looks, be daring with the lipstick and gloss, too. A celebrity parody costume should be outlandish and overdramatic. Have fun with it!


Foxy Vixens

Many women love to use Halloween as an excuse to wear sexy costumes and parade around, and of course, a dramatic smoky eye or an ethereal eye is the way to go. Pur’s Onyx eyeliner is greatPurIntensity  for cat and bunny whiskers, and the Carbon gel liner would be perfect for any lady pirates and devils. Angels and fairies would look fabulous using the Halo Perfect Fit Eye Trio or the Pink Zircon, Blue Lazulite and Champagne Citrine singles. For any of these dazzling looks, a glossy pout is a must.

Mesmerizing Monsters

Vampires (both traditional Dracula and modern Twilight and True Blood), zombiesLipstick  and witches are going to be a smash this year, but you don’t necessarily have to  slather your beautiful face with paint to be creepy chic. Use some Green Primer and either a dusting of  baby powder or White Opal eye shadow to make yourself ghostly pale. Greens, blacks, browns and grays can be used to create ghastly effects, and red  lip liner can be used to draw blood. 

Using makeup in lieu of face paint can be a cost effective and skin-friendly way to take your Halloween costume to the next level. Just because you want to look like a ghoul or monster doesn’t mean you have to treat your skin like one!