Application Tips for Creating Smokey Eyes

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 | Tips & How-Tos, application tips

Shutterstock_1385168 The thing to remember about a smokey eye is that it isn’t about a particular color combination, but about the technique used to create the look. A smokey eye in its most glamorous expression is meant to be visually striking, but it is also flexible enough to be an everyday, subtly “undone” look.

Invaluable to creating the smokey eye is having the correct brushes. Our Pür Minerals Crease Makeup Brush, Eyeliner Makeup Brush and Eye Shadow Mineral Makeup Brush are the pür-fect tools to achieve your desired effect.

The most important part of making your smokey eye is creating a gradient of color—that is, make sure that the color is darkest at your lash line and feathers out into the lightest tones near the brow, using at least three shades. Choose your favorite shade combinations from Pür Minerals Pressed Mineral Eye Shadows and, starting with the lightest color and the eye shadow brush, wash your entire eye from lash to brow.

After the light color, apply the medium-tone on the top lid and very lightly to the bottom lid, stopping at the crease. For example, you could start with a pale cream dusting on the entire eye, then add a charcoal shimmer onto the surface of the top lid.

Next you’ll want to smooth your darkest color onto the top lid and blend those darker colors up into the top crease of your eye. Start at the outside V and pull the color up to follow the natural curve of your eyeball from the outside in. Then, using a Mineral Eye Defining Pencil with Smudger, line your eyes by following your lash line from corner to corner of the eye, sweeping out some on the outer edge. Line the lower lid and waterline normally.

When you’re done, go back over everything with a blending brush like our Crease Makeup Brush, blending everything so there are no harsh lines. You want more of a smudged look, like you’ve been wearing the makeup for days. Add mascara and you’ve got your dramatic, smokey eye!