Eyes that Defy Time

Monday, August 02, 2010 | Things We Love, product highlights

Shutterstock_10143487 Body language experts know that the best way to smoke out a lie is to follow the fibber’s eyes. Avoid direct eye contact and odds are you’ve got something to hide. However, you don’t have to be a detective to tell if someone’s lying about their age. The thinnest place on the skin, the delicate eye area is where the first signs of aging appear. However, with a little prevention and some serious skin fitness, you can shape up your eyes enough to fool even the toughest examination.

Sun Safety First

Day-ComplexHR Dermatologists know that the sun is the single biggest cause of premature aging. This makes regular SPF protection essential, especially when it comes to the vulnerable eye area. Keep eye lines and wrinkles at bay with an age-defying SPF moisturizer like Day Complex SPF 20. This peptide-rich formula not only keeps skin sun safe, but also combats the effects of lost collagen, which can leave eyes looking hollow or stressed. Be sure to apply each morning, under your eyes and just below your eyebrows.

Tone Up Eye Serum Smarts

Because under eye skin has relatively few sebaceous (oil-producing) glands, it can easily dry with age. While compensating with a heavy eye cream would seem logical, over-hydrating can actually cause puffiness, trading one problem for another. Steer clear of thick moisturizers and opt for a lightweight serum like Tone Up instead. A clinically tested powerhouse of emollients and antioxidants, this all-in-one skin fitness formula is the pür solution for puffy eyes, dark circles and crow’s feet.