Beauty – Pürr and Simple

Thursday, July 29, 2010 | Things We Love, Tips & How-Tos, Uncategorized

So, there is a cat bully in my apartment complex, a cat whoPurrr and Simple bullies other kitties, not a person who is mean to cats (that would be just plain terrible). There goes the neighborhood!  My husband is gravely concerned. Fur has flown on our patio (mostly our cat Tybee’s), and the bully scratched my poor kitten’s nose! What’s this got to do with beauty?  Simple. Unlike this malicious feline, Pür Minerals is not a cat bully, or a bully to any animal for that matter. That’s just not how we roll. 

While browsing Pü for your shopping and blogging needs, have you ever noticed the heart-shaped bunny at the bottom of the site?  If not, scroll down and take a look – it’s the PETA logo. That logo is PETA’s cruelty-free stamp of approval, meaning Pür Minerals does not test its products on animals.

Did you know that animal testing is not required for cosmetics, but over one million animals are still subjected to experimentation every year? The FDA urges manufacturers to conduct all necessary tests to prove a product is safe, but using animals is not mandatory. As a matter of fact, there are many safe, accurate and cost effective ways to ensure a product is ready to be on the market without using any of our furry friends as guinea pigs. Epidemiological data, computer models, in-vitro cell cultures, synthetic membranes and even human studies can be great alternatives to using animals for short term toxicity tests and skin irritation and corrosion tests. There’s no need to slather lipstick on Tybee’s second cousin. 

Over 700 companies have committed to PETA’s Caring Consumer humane testing policies.   Not all skin care companies can offer cruelty-free products, but Pür Minerals does. As you apply our powders to your face, jazz-up your eyes with our shadows and pencils, and use our skin care products, you should be proud to know that these products were not tested on animals. Like Tybee says, it’s Beauty – “Pürr” and Simple. 

For more information about companies that do not test on animals, tips on cruelty-free living, and animal testing in general, feel free to click the little bunny and visit