Summer Wedding Face Savers

Thursday, July 08, 2010 | Tips & How-Tos, application tips

You’ve saved the date, bought your dress and made all the arrangements for your trip to (enter summer destination here).  Then you check the temperature, and the beachside wedding that was a hot idea back in October is starting to look—well—HOT. Up against a sudden heat wave, how do you keep your fresh faced look from becoming a midsummer’s makeup meltdown? With a few tips from Pür Minerals.

4-in-1-and-Allure-Seal Let Your Skin Breathe

Now is not the time to start slathering on liquid foundation. As the mercury climbs, pores open and chemical-based makeup starts to melt, creating a recipe for breakouts and irritation. Choose a mineral-based formula like Pür’s 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup with SPF 15 instead. Naturally lightweight, minerals won’t melt or settle into pores, and the added SPF will help safeguard your skin during those sunny photo shoots.

Pür Tip: Skin tone change in the summer? Use our 4-in-1 split pan to custom blend the right shade for the moment.

Create a Budge-Proof Base

The more eye color you layer, the greater the risk of unwanted smudging during an especially steamy reception. Before applying shadows, be sure to prep your eyes with Mineral Eye Prep. This nourishing, mineral-based formula not only neutralizes eyelid color,
EyePrep but also primes the skin for stay-all-day mineral makeup. Think of it as an insurance plan for those primped and pür-fect peepers.

MineralMist Seal the Deal

Ever wish there was a way to freeze your look just the way you want it? Fortunately, you can. Loaded with over 70 essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, Fulvic Mineral Mist is your key to locking down your look when the weather just won’t cooperate. As an added bonus, Pür’s superhydrating formula is a lifesaver for frizzy hair and flyaways (hey, it can get humid out there). A few pumps are all it takes to look your best from the walk down the aisle to the last dance of the night.