The Beauty Diet

Thursday, September 04, 2008 | Tips & How-Tos, Uncategorized

Taking care of your skin isn’t just about which daily moisturizer you use or what kind of eye cream you put on at night. Rather, skin fitness speaks to all of your lifestyle choices—and that includes the foods that you eat. A well-balanced diet not only contributes to the health of your heart, but it helps you achieve a smooth, radiant complexion, so that you can look and feel your best.

The key ingredients of your beauty diet include:

Fruits and Veggies
Fruits and leafy vegetables are supercharged with vitamins and antioxidants. The greener the better, so swap out that iceberg lettuce for spinach and start giving your skin the nutrients it needs. 5 – 9 servings a day will help get you on the right track.

Lean Proteins
Healthy proteins like fish and free-range chicken firm your skin and strengthen your hair, teeth and nails. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish (especially salmon and tuna) at least twice a week. If you’re a vegetarian, turn to avocados, hummus, peanut butter and whole grains to help smooth out and prevent wrinkles.

Fab Fats
Omega-3 fatty acids provide essential oils that condition skin and reduce inflammation. In other words, the fats found in almonds, flax seeds, hazelnuts and olive oil lead to a smooth, clear complexion. Omega-3 can also be taken as a daily dietary supplement in the form of fish oil or flax seed oil capsules.

Drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water each day is a crucial part of achieving perfect looking skin. With its superior detoxifying properties, H2O cleanses and purifies pores, in turn diminishing acne and blemishes. Whereas dehydrated skin tends to have a dry, sallow appearance, drinking a sufficient amount of water will help you attain a fresh, dewy complexion and an even skin tone.

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