Has Pollen Got You Bawlin’?

Monday, April 19, 2010 | Things We Love, Tips & How-Tos, application tips, product highlights

So, I don’t know how everybody across the US is coping with allergy season, but here in Atlanta the pollen is out of control! We’ve had the rainiest winter I’ve ever seen,  and as a result, Shutterstock_3062902spring has most definitely sprung, flinging yellow dust all over my cat, my car and my face.  As I write today, I am staring out the window I can see from my desk, just hoping for rain to wash this mustard monstrosity away.Until then, we have to deal with all the nasty symptoms of seasonal allergies, including my focus point of the day, eye irritation.

Your eyes are the most expressive part of your face, and itchy, watery puffiness is the cosmetic kiss of death to most of us. Then we lose hours of sleep worrying and sniffling over it, adding dark circles to our new, unsightly look. I have been lucky enough to not suffer much from this bio-hazardous, pollen attack, but I had a cold a few weeks ago that had similarly gruesome effects. Sinus pressure made my left eye water constantly, and it was swollen and pink. On top of that, the skin on my face became dry and flaky, after I overdosed on an entire box of tissues. I looked like I was on the brink of death. Is pollen doing this to you? Are your eyes crying for help? IStock_000000048979_L1

So many articles I read about allergy treatments focus on how to get well. That’s fine and dandy, but what about making those red, swollen bloodshot eyes look better in the meantime?

Just like many other minor ailments, the basic regimens for irritated eyes are simple. Drink plenty of water and try to get sufficient sleep. Proper hydration and rest will make you look and feel significantly better. Also, boost-up your vitamin C. I know allergies are not an illness, but vitamin C can still help fight your symptoms, act as a natural antihistamine and help prevent a case of the sniffles from evolving into an infection.

Placing a cold compress over your eyes can reduce inflammation and puffiness. A damp cloth, spa-style cucumber slices, chilled teabags or a cold compress bottle will also do. Be sure to protect your delicate eyes and face with sunscreen and sunglasses while you spend time outdoors. There’s no need to exacerbate your allergy symptoms, and if you’re having an especially hard time dealing with pollen this year, you may want to limit your time outdoors. MineralMelt

Cosmetically, there is much you can do to improve your allergy-stricken eyes. Use a make-upremover every night, like Mineral Melt or Quick Clean, paying especially close attention to your eyelids and lashes. When applying make-up, start with a good moisturizer and eye treatment, like Day Renewal Complex with SPF 20 and Tone-up.

Using a primer or our Mineral Eye Prep that help to neutralize skin EyePrepdiscoloration and make applying eye shadow easier. And remember less is more, especially when your eyes could become agitated from excess make-up. I know allergy season is tough, but don’t let pollen cramp your style and put a damper on this beautiful spring. Soon enough we can toss away the tissues and eye drops and bust-out the bikinis and sun block for summer!