Short and Sweet

Thursday, March 18, 2010 | Things We Love, Tips & How-Tos, Uncategorized

Scissors_haircutSpring is just around the corner, and summer will be here before we know it. I definitely let my hair get too long and out of control during the last few months, so I recently got a super fresh, springtime trim. I told Joy, my fabulous hair stylist “Chop it. Get rid of it. Hair must fly because it’s driving me bonkers!” I’ve worn varying lengths of short hair in the past, so this did not faze Joy at all.

I love my cropped bob. It’s easy to style and maintain, and it makes me feel edgy and cute. This got me to thinking about women who may want to try a shorter look but aren’t as comfortable with the change as I was. Short hair is sexy and chic, but for some timid trimmers, the risk of losing inches of hair for a new do is too high. Here are some tips to think about when considering a short cut.

First, ask yourself why you want to cut your hair. Did you see a celebrity you love send their locks to the chopping block? Do you want a style for summer that is literally cooler? Does long hair maintenance have you ready to try something new? You should really think about the implications of going short and never do it on an emotional whim. Let the idea simmer in your head before making such a drastic change. Your hair will grow back, but it can take time. Going from long hair to short can be a shock, so you don’t have to lose all your length in one salon visit. You can go shorter gradually.

Next, think about your hair texture. Is it thick or fine? Straight, wavy or curly? Certain cuts may not work well with your hair,  or it could require much more work to get (and maintain) the look IStock_000000105767_L2you desire. Thin hair may need more volume, or wavy hair may not lay the way you wanted. Nothing is worse than envisioning yourself with a wispy pixie crop and ending up with a poodle poof disaster. Talk to your hairstylist about your new idea. He or she should be able to determine how your shorter hair would fare and what kind of upkeep and styling would be required. Your stylist may recommend a few changes or a completely new cut all together.

Also, if you color or highlight your hair and haven’t had it done in a while, you may want to retouch and refresh. Losing length also means losing inches of already colored locks, leaving your roots to shine in the spotlight.

Research short styles and bring images to the salon with you. If you see a picture of the cut and style you want online, print it out. Did you see something intriguing in a magazine? Bookmark it or cut-out the page. Pictures give your stylist a direct, visual representation to work with, so there will be no ambiguity. Finally, if you absolutely love your new, spunky, short style, take a photo of it. That way, your stylist can try to replicate it again next time, keeping you short and sweet through the summer.