Put Some Pride in That Stride

Friday, March 05, 2010 | Around Town, Uncategorized

Do you have Happy Feet but sad shoes? One of the best parts about spring is the footwear, but those sexyShutterstock_1126650, knee-high boots and classy, leather pumps can look drab after a while. Unless you’re looking for an excuse to go shoe shopping, don’t retire your favorite pair just yet. You can easily revive that glossy sheen with a little polish. Shoeshines are not just for men, nor are they just some outdated thing your dad use to do. Polishing your shoes is a simple and inexpensive way to make them last, and you owe it to yourself (and your loyal loafers and heels) to help your footwear go the extra mile.

You can buy shoe polish and suppliesToe at any shoe shop or convenience store. Purchase a color that best matches your shoes. (There’s even neutral polish for those funky, hard-to-match colors.) Do not use polish on patent leather or suede! You will need a couple rags or special brushes. When you’re ready to shine, create a workspace, spreading out a newspaper or old towel to protect your work surface. While shoe polish is great for your shoes, it’s terrible for most other surfaces and fabrics.

Remove any laces if your shoes have them. Clean dust and debris off the surface with a damp cloth or cleaning brush. Then wrap a dry rag around two of your fingers, dip it in polish and apply liberally in small, circular motions. Use separate cloths for each step and for different colors.Shutterstock_3781807 Don’t forget to cover the back of the heel and straps.

Give the polish a few minutes to dry, and then buff your shoes until you are satisfied with the luster of your leather. After that, you’re done, and your shiny shoes are ready to take you anywhere!