Pucker-Up, Valentine.

Thursday, February 11, 2010 | Things We Love, Tips & How-Tos, Uncategorized

Last week I confessed that I love any excuse to bust-out my red lipstick, and Valentine’s Day is the Shutterstock_11370694 perfect occasion for a sexy, bold pout. Whether you’re on a romantic date, shaking what your mama gave you at the club or having an anti-Valentine’s girls’-night-out; red lips are super hot and will definitely make a statement. Many women shy away from this classic yet daring look in fear of looking like a sleazy circus clown. Fear not! Rouge is not a ruse. With a little know-how and proper technique, you can wear your crimson smile with confidence!

Don’t Overdo Your Look

We tend to blame make-up faux pas on red lipstick, but trust me, the lip color is only a red herring. When some ladies pull-out that little tube of red wonder, all constraint is lost and every cosmetic impulse is indulged, like a four-year-old getting into mommy’s vanity. She has on her red lips, blue eye shadow, and enough blush to paint a house. The lesson? Balance is key. If you plan on wearing a bright lip color, your eyes shouldn’t be overdone. Neutral tones, shimmery colors, or even a subtle smoky eye compliments red lips quite well. Focus more on lines and lashes than color to make your eyes pop without going overboard.

Pucker Preparation

Since red is such an eye-catching color, your kisser need to be flawless. Dry, chapped, cracked lips simply won’t do, so be sure to moisturize them with an effective lip balm, like Pür Balm or Mineral Lip Revival. Before applying your flirty, fiery lipstick, use a lip liner that is close to your natural lip color. This will prevent bleeding and fading. Some women also like to add a light dusting of translucent face powder to create a solid foundation for the color. Once you’re all prepped, it’s time to go wild!

Lipsticks So Many Shades!

Many women may think that they can’t wear red lipstick because of their hair color or skin tone. Wrong! Fire Engine red is not the only shade out there, ladies. There are many hues with varying undertones that can compliment any complexion. Pür’s Mineral Shea Butter Lipstick comes in many different reds, from a bright Red Ruby to a deeper Spice. If you have warmer skin with olive or yellow undertones, go for reds with brownish, tawny elements. Bluer shades, like berry reds, cherry and plum tones, are better for cool skin colors with pink or red undertones. Nowadays, many women mix colors to obtain a desired effect with a lip brush.

Finishing Touches

Before leaving the house for your Valentine’s Day merriment, blot your kissable lips with a tissue. Add a second layer of lipstick for extra protection against fading. You can add a little gloss, if you want to go all glitzy glam, but just remember that less is more. Lastly, double check that there is no lipstick on your teeth – that red smudge on your pearly whites can definitely kill the magic. Here’s to having a fiery Valentine’s Day!