Pop Culture’s Perfect Storm: Fashion Week Meets “Jersey Shore”

Wednesday, February 03, 2010 | Around Town, Uncategorized

I’m all for combining guilty pleasures. That’s why I was thrilled when the New York Post hinted at a possible merger of two of this year’s arguably biggest pop sensations—Fashion Week and MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” Alright, so Fashion Week isn’t exactly a guilty pleasure, but the fake bake boardwalk crew certainly is. And with their indulgently un-PC first season at an end, fans everywhere are looking for their next fix.

According to the Post, the cast is demanding tickets to shows for the weeklong fashion preview, which starts February 11. While celebrities—even pseudo-celebs—pining for ground level access to fashion’s biggest event isn’t anything new, what is exciting—and some would argue frightening—is who’s pulling for the reality stars.  Michael Schweiger, a manager for several of the cast members, says at least three designers approached them with offers to attend and even—gulp—model in a few of the Bryant Park shows. Just imagine JWoww strutting down the runway in all her orange-dipped glory.

Designers were understandably divided on the issue.  While some welcomed the publicity and encouraged the crew to come as they are—gelled bouffants and all—others worried that “the situation” (pun definitely intended) might distract viewers from the collections they’re trying to promote.

Whatever the outcome, however, thousands of fans (this one included) will be on the lookout for any excuse to keep the party alive while the gang gears up for another season of drama, debauchery and delightfully lowbrow mischief.