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Wednesday, December 09, 2009 | Tips & How-Tos, application tips

Makeup Tips for Light Skin

you have naturally porcelain skin, or just a case of seasonal paleness,
here are a few tips to help keep fair skin looking luminous and lovely
all winter long.

SKIN: A protective day cream is a must for those with light skin tones. Choose a moisturizer with a double-digit SPF, such as Pür Minerals Day Renewal Complex SPF 20,
to help block harmful UV rays and preserve skin’s health. Exfoliating
regularly, especially during the winter, will help fair skin maintain
that supple, milky radiance.

: Since discolorations tend to reveal themselves more on lighter skin, try prepping skinPorcelain_878147000455
for makeup application with a colour correcting foundation primer.
A green-tinted formula will help to even out the skin tone and offset
any redness or imperfections, such as under eye circles or blemishes.

As for foundation, barely-there makeup looks best on fair skin. 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup in shades Porcelain and Light
provide flawless, transparent coverage for ladies with very fair to
fair skin. If you love having a sun-kissed look, lightly apply a bronzing powder for a natural-looking, golden glow. Top with a shimmering, pink blush to give cheeks a fresh, youthful flush.

: Pastel eye shadows
and subtle metallics go well with pale skin. Pink and lavender shades
are a sure bet to complement those with fair hair and complexion, but
if you really want to light up your eyes, try shimmering golds and
yellows or smooth, sparkling blues and greens. Fair-skinned ladies with
darker hair look great in amber, plum and golden-brown hues.

Pür Picks: Blondes should try Pressed Mineral Shadows in Rose Quartz, Violet Iolyte, Champagne Citrine, Sunstone, and True Emerald. Brunettes and redheads will look lovely in Amber, Rose Symesite and Fawn Fayalite.

LIPS: A lip gloss
in a soft shade of pink will add just the right amount of polish to
your pout. Deeper, berry tints can also provide a nice contrast to your
skin tone, but look best with a matte finish. Mineral Shea Butter Lipstick in Black Amethyst
is a romantic, berry-stained colour that flatters all skin tones and
looks particularly stunning on those with light skin and dark hair.

While fair-skinned beauties should beware of over doing it with bold, over-the-top lip colour, a bright red lipstick
can look glamorous and sophisticated when done right (think Naomi Watts
and Nicole Kidman). Again, matte lipstick suits this look best, since
too much shine can appear harsh against pale skin.

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