How to Get Party Pür-fect Cat Eyes

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 | Tips & How-Tos, application tips

Few eye looks are as seductive as the sultry cat eye. Whether worn alone or with a costume, this evocative eye look is total drama. In addition to the requisite tools—gel eyeliner (black), a flat eyeliner brush and mascara—you’ll need a healthy dose of confidence to own this standout party favorite.

PurIntensity Line Your Lashes
your eyeliner and eyeliner brush, trace your lash line from the inner
corner of your eye to the outer corner, flicking the line up at the
end. We recommend Pür Intensity
for the precision of a liquid liner with easy gel application.
Make sure you follow the lash line as closely as possible to create the
proper effect. (You can also create a “path” to follow using your eye pencil. Just be sure to cover your guide line completely with your eyeliner.) Once both eyes are lined, use your brush to even out the ends.

Add Mascara
This scene-stealing look is all about drama. Play it up with a volumizing mascara like Triple Impact. Start with a light coat and curl as you comb. For high drama, try press-on lashes and embrace your inner diva!

Midnight jade
Smoky or Sheer?

the classic cat eye has typically been shadow-free, you can give it a smoky effect by contouring the crease in darker shades. Pür Pick: Pressed Mineral Shadow in Midnight Jade.
“Flick” color from the outer corner of the eye (in the direction of
your eyeliner) up to the brow bone to create a large,
almond-shaped—truly cat-like—effect. Use a makeup brush smudger to blend the edges and apply a lighter coat to eyelids, if desired.