Rant: Snuggie Makes Fashion Week Debut

Thursday, September 17, 2009 | Around Town, Uncategorized

Shutterstock_934910 The fashion family tree got another black sheep this week—the Snuggie. Making its New York Fashion Week debut (yes, you read correctly), the couch-warming, blanket-bathrobe combo unveiled its new color and design palette, which includes exotic animal prints, tie-dye and camouflage for a triple threat of tacky. While the basic design remained largely unchanged (why mess with a winner?) the fabric got an upgrade to what the company calls its “luxury microplush”—two words that should never be paired together. Ever. Under any circumstance.

Didn’t we learn anything from leg warmers and parachute pants? As someone who survived the 80s, there are whole photo albums that I keep under lock and key (and some fad-clad moments that I plan on taking to the grave). Sure, everyone likes to kick back in the comfort of their own home, but when did it become ok—no—when did it become socially acceptable to traipse around in safari-print, “microplush” muumuus like modern-day Fred Flintstones? We’re not in Bedrock anymore, Toto.

I know, its cheesiness is part of its charm, and the whole Fashion Week debut was very tongue-in-cheek. But seriously, this is how bad fads get their start. And what’s worse: we should know better. I’m sure the legions of Flashdance wannabes circa 1983 had no idea that their leg wear would set off a national craze, but this is different. This time we can actually see the fashion train wreck in snuggly, slow motion. The only question is: do we move out of the way or jump onboard?