Matte Adore

Thursday, September 10, 2009 | Tips & How-Tos, Uncategorized

Are No-Gloss Nails the Next Big Thing?

According to a handful of beauty boutiques (and even some big retailers)—including Essie, Knock Out and Zoya—the answer is a loud, flat “yes.” With sheen-free lines poised to take center stage this fall, these and other color makers are hoping the season’s darker, more provocative fashion palette will help the look gain mass appeal.

While matte polishes have been around for a few years now—Chanel launched its Black Satin polish in 2006—the trend has so far failed to break the megawatt mainstream. Instead, the look has gone underground, where flat charcoals, gunmetals and slates have gained an almost cult following in punk and indie rock scenes.

However, with more companies jumping on the bandwagon—not to mention celebrities from Miley Cyrus to Jennifer Garner donning no-gloss nails in photo shoots—fall 2009 could be the matte look’s time to—ironically enough—shine.

For those considering taking the road less polished, good first-time bets include satin blacks, charcoals and reds. These colors not only pair well with a wider range of fall/winter looks, but are also more forgiving to those not used to the shine-free look. Keep in mind when comparing colors that matte hues reflect light differently from glosses (and sometimes from each other). You can go from velvety slate to car primer gray pretty fast, so finding the right color is essential.

For those who want to try their hand at this new trend but don’t want invest in a whole new palette, InStyle magazine recommends using your regular base coat as a top coat to tone down the sheen. Dully noted.