Tips for Healthy Fall Skin

Tuesday, September 08, 2009 | Things We Love, Tips & How-Tos, Uncategorized

Shutterstock_986770 With the sweltering dog days of summer finally behind us, the cool, crisp autumn months come as a welcomed relief. However, as the mercury drops, so does the humidity. As Mother Nature dials down the heat and dries out the air, the change in weather can be a roller coaster ride for your skin. Here are just a few things you can do to keep your skin hydrated and healthy in the months ahead:

Exfoliate Often
If you’re constantly reapplying moisturizer throughout the day, the problem may not be your moisturizer—it may be your skin. As skin cells dry out and die, they form a layer over healthy skin that’s difficult to penetrate. That’s why regular exfoliation is extra important during the drier months. If your moisturizer doesn’t seem to be pulling its weight, pump up your exfoliating regimen with a gentle total body scrub like Pür Polish. And, as always, be sure to moisturize immediately after.

Mind Your Moisturizer
You might’ve gotten away with a thin, water-based moisturizer in the summer months. But as the humidity goes into hibernation, so should weak moisturizers. Instead of water-based lotions that evaporate in dry weather, look for a rich, natural oil-based cream like Mineral Moisture Complex that will lock moisture in and keep the elements from sucking you dry. Rich in sunflower seed oil, this luscious night cream offers deep hydration without pore-clogging petroleum or synthetic oils.

Ban Hot Showers and Baths
While there’s nothing better than soaking in a hot bath after braving the cold, this common indulgence could be taking a toll on your skin. Hot showers and baths can actually break down the skin’s lipid barrier—a fatty layer that traps moisture inside the skin—leaving it dehydrated.  Instead, use warm water and be sure to moisturize afterward. For chapped or cracked skin, adding baking soda or oatmeal to your bath can spell instant relief (not to mention relaxation).