A Lesson in Lashes

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 | Tips & How-Tos, application tips

There once was a time when I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing false
eyelashes. Despite the fact that I have relatively short lashes with
virtually no natural curl, I thought the whole idea was a little
costumy. Well, ladies and gentleman, I take it all back. During a
recent trip to the mall, I sucked it up and decided to enter the bold
world of fake lashes. My conclusion: If you think that false eyelashes
are ridiculous, think again!

days, eyelash imposters come in all different lengths, thickness and
sizes to help achieve different looks and work with your particular eye
shape. Fake lashes can look natural and help take your eye look to the
next level. Those of you who are intimidated by this wispy beauty tool,
fear not. Our Pür Minerals beauty experts are here to help you achieve luscious lashes in a flash!

Fake Lashes for Beginners
first thing to consider is what kind of look you’re going for. The
occasion and time of day will factor into what kind of lashes you
choose. If you’re going for a dramatic, evening look, a full set is
appropriate. Individual false lashes are also a great way to subtly
punch up your look. Look for an eyelash set in a length that’s as close
as possible to your actual lash length. Trimming the lashes down can be
tricky and can cause the lashes to appear blunt. 

Melissa’s Pick: Shu Uemura Soft Cross False Eyelashes. Natural-looking and elegant, these lashes pump up the volume with a criss-cross design that makes eyelashes appear thicker.

How to Apply Your Falsies
by holding the lash band up to your eye. If it’s too long, use a pair
of nail scissors to trim the edges of the band (not the lashes) to fit
your lash line. Next, apply the glue to the band and place at the inner
corner of your eye. Work your way to the outer corner, gently pressing
down to set the lashes in place.

After waiting a few moments to
let the glue adhere, use an eyelash curler to help blend your natural
lashes and the fake eyelashes together. Then, apply eye pencil along your lash line to camouflage the band and help achieve a more natural look. Finally, apply a single coat of lengthening, thickening mascara and viola, lash-tastic eyes in flash!

To remove the false eyelashes, use a gentle makeup eye makeup remover such as Mineral Melt
by Pür Minerals. Infused with 12 all-natural oils, this makeup remover
nourishes lashes and is safe for even the most sensitive eyes.