Pür Minerals July 2009 Newsletter

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 | Campaigns, news

Keep-your-Cool_Lynnette Play it Cool
Nothing can ruin your summer fun quite like melting makeup and dehydrated skin. As temperatures creep toward triple digits, all thoughts turn to staying cool. From thirst-quenching skin care to smudge-proof, budge-proof makeup, these beat-the-heat beauty tips will help keep you looking fresh and pretty all summer long.

Shine Control
With sweat glands working overtime, many women suffer from shiny, oily skin and breakouts during the warmer months. Forget the blotting papers—get to the root of the problem and stave off oil slicks with a mattifying gel. Skin mattifiers are designed to regulate oil production and eliminate excess shine with astringent (pore-closing) properties. Those with especially oily or acne-prone skin can also try a pore minimizing serum, such as See No More, to reduce pore size and impart a silky-smooth, shine-free finish.

Waterproof ItWater-pic
When it comes to beach and pool season, waterproof (which also means sweat-proof) makeup is a must. Waterproof eye makeup has come a long way since the days of crumbling, flaking formulas. Today’s products glide on easily and resist bleeding, fading and smudging for stay-all-day colour. You can easily avoid slipping, sliding eyeliner and those dreaded raccoon eyes with waterproof eye pencils and mascara. To further stay-proof your eye makeup, use an eyelid primer such as Mineral Eye Prep. Acting like Velcro for your eye shadow, this long-lasting formula creates a base for shadow to cling to and minimizes creasing for maximum wearability.

Stay Hydrated
Moisturizer is an essential part of your summer survival kit. UV rays have a drying effect on skin, so it’s crucial to replenish lost nutrients with a vitamin-rich day cream. For the ultimate in supple summer skin, choose a daily moisturizer with SPF to protect and condition at once. If oily skin is an issue, opt for an oil-free formula like Mineral Moisture Infusion. This oil-free moisture blast contains aloe and humectants that actually pull moisture from the air to quench skin’s thirst. Stay hydrated throughout the day with a misting spray. Packed with minerals and amino acids, Fulvic Mineral Mist refreshes and binds moisture to skin and hair. Bonus: this intense hydrator also sets makeup and fights frizz.

Prime Time Beauty
Foundation primers only take a few seconds to apply, but they hold makeup in place for hours—not to mention even out skin tone and diminish imperfections for a flawless, airbrushed complexion.

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Joli_Spring Ask the Expert
“The increased heat and humidity during the summer months can pose a challenge to your beauty routine. It’s important to let your skin breathe. Wear natural, lightweight makeup that’s free of petroleum-based oils, which can lead to clogged pores, shiny skin and breakouts. Most importantly, don’t leave the house without a minimum of SPF 15.” Joli Baker, Pür Minerals President

More Ways to Keep Cool

1. Invest in a chic, floppy beach hat. Not only do oversized straw hats look stylish this season, but they’re a great way to shield skin from the bright sunshine.
2. Bronzer isn’t just for your face. To help absorb excess moisture (i.e. sweat) and give skin a sun-kissed glow, lightly dust a bronzing powder over your arms, legs and décolleté.

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