How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Thursday, June 18, 2009 | Tips & How-Tos, application tips

Shutterstock_853393 Between stress, lack of sleep, poor diet and genetics, dark under
eye circles are a fairly common skin condition. But just because
they’re common, doesn’t mean the situation is hopeless. From makeup
and skin care solutions to lifestyle choices, there are plenty of ways to help
minimize under eye circles.

Get Plenty of Sleep
Technically, they aren’t caused by
lack of sleep, but if you’re prone to dark circles, you may want to
think twice about pulling an all-nighter. Staying up too late can
result in pale, washed out skin—a symptom of fatigue—which exacerbates
discolorations. Thus, your already translucent eye skin becomes even
more pale, highlighting broken capillaries under your eyes. Averaging
7-9 hours each night will help keep the color in your skin.

Balance Your Diet
Staying hydrated improves
your circulation, allowing the right amount of blood to flow to your
blood vessels. Dehydrating substances, such as caffeine and salt, can
inhibit circulation, causing blood vessels to appear bluish. Taking a
daily multi-vitamin and eating leafy greens will also help keep your
skin healthy.

Give Your Eyes a Treat
Many people swear by the age-old
home remedy of cucumber slices, but professional skin care treatments
are often the best solution for under eye circles. Eye creams are
designed to hydrate, condition and repair delicate eye skin with
formulas that are generally far more potent than home remedies. For
example, the clinically tested ingredient Occu-Derm
helps keep dark under eye circles in check by preventing the
accumulation of hemoglobin buildup that causes unsightly blue-black
skin discolorations. Creams and masks containing vitamin K and natural
antioxidants are also a good pick; these will help keep hemoglobin from

When All Else Fails, Conceal

Let’s face
it, we’re not all born with perfect skin—that’s what makeup is for. And
thanks to today’s high-quality cosmetics, concealing your under eye
circles is a cinch. Start with a colour correcting primer to
neutralize discolorations and even out your skin tone. Once your skin
is primed, move on to your concealer. Ideally, you want a multi-tasking
foundation and concealer to get the best coverage. At Pür Minerals, we
recommend 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup—our foundation, powder and concealer with SPF 15—applied with the Utility Brush.
This brush is designed to cover small areas with precision, so it’s
perfect for masking under eye circles and hiding broken capillaries.