Ask Joli: Blush or Bronzer?

Friday, June 05, 2009 | Tips & How-Tos, customer Q&A

You’ve got questions, Joli Baker has answers. Read on for advice from
the Pür Minerals president and get the beauty scoop—pür and simple.

Q: I’m fair-skinned and want to achieve a healthy glow for summer. Should I turn to blush or bronzer? How do I know which is right for me? Lizzie, Baltimore, MD

Summer is almost here, so naturally, you want to give your skin a gorgeous
glow. Blushes and bronzers will both add a kiss of color, but which is
right for you? Depending on your skin tone and the look you want to
achieve, you may want to choose a bronzy sheen over a rosy blush, or
vice versa.

Bronzer should be chosen as a subtle form of adding color and warmth
to the skin that makes it look healthy. Think of the difference as
warmth versus revitalization. Blush is more of a revitalization. It
adds color that makes you look energized. Bronzer can be used all over
the face, neck and chest area. Blusher is confined more to the apples
of the cheeks and maybe a little on the forehead. I like peachy/brick
shades for the yellow-toned skins and the pink/plum for pinker skin


Blush looks exceptionally lovely on pale or fair skin. Blush should
be applied to the apple of the cheeks. I Blush_web actually prefer applying with
a fluffy powder brush in sweeping circular motions. This makes you far
less likely to end up with big round circles or lines that run from
your ears to your nose. When you are finished applying blush, it should
appear as if you have walked up a flight of stairs with a healthy glow
in your cheeks, not as if you’ve run a city block. Always apply half of
the blush that you think you need. You can always add more, but it’s
really difficult to tone down once you’ve applied.

Mineral_glow_web Bronzer can be applied in one of two ways:

  1. You can use a big, fluffy powder brush again and apply it
    from the forehead to the chin and cheek to cheek. This is for a very
    subtle glow and works very effectively on fair skin.
  2. The other method is again, with a nice, big brush, applied in
    sweeping circles all over. This is great for skin tones with a little
    more color, or if you’re applying to the neck as well.

Really shimmery bronzers should be used on younger skins with few
lines. I love mosaics for fair skins and those that want a more subtle,
bronzed look, as well as on more mature skin. Matte bronzers can be
tricky because they tend to be a little less forgiving when applied.

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