Beauty in Bloom

Friday, May 01, 2009 | Tips & How-Tos, ingredient close-ups

Shutterstock_1470806 Ingredient Close-Up: Lavender

When we think about spring, one of the first things that comes to mind is the luscious bouquet of aromatic herbs and colorful, flowering plants that accompany the season. Generally recognized for its light, fresh aroma and lovely purple color, lavender begins to bloom in early spring and blossoms again in the late summer.

More than just a pretty bud, this fragrant flower has long since been prized for its medicinal benefits, which include reducing inflammation, stimulating cell growth, alleviating pain and promoting healing. Derived from the Latin word lavera, meaning “to wash,” lavender is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-viral and decongestant. It’s said that the Romans used to bathe in tubs of lavender water, and it remains a popular part of modern-day spa treatments designed to soothe the body and mind, reducing tension, irritation and stress.

Because of its healing and rejuvenating properties, lavender is included in many skin care products to treat everything from acne to aging. As an essential oil, it balances the skin, making it ideal for every skin type. At Pür Minerals, we’ve incorporated this wonder-plant into several products in our high-quality skin care line:Revwash2

  • Pür Polish – This face and body exfoliator cleans and polishes skin from head to toe. Along with vitamins and citrus oil, lavender sloughs away dead skin cells to reveal the fresh, new cells beneath.
  • Revitalizing Facial Wash – Infused with lavender and aloe, this soufflé cleanser tones and balances skin’s pH level, gently cleansing without stripping skin of its natural oils. 
  • Pür Balm – This quick-fix balm is the ultimate solution for dry, cracked or chapped skin. Essential oils, shea butter and lavender come to skin’s rescue to heal dry patches on lips, elbows, hands and feet.