Doll Up Your Digits

Thursday, April 23, 2009 | Tips & How-Tos, application tips

Mani_pedi Sandal season has arrived; that means it’s time to get those toes and fingers in tip top shape. Like any other part of the body, hands, feet and nails need regular TLC to keep them healthy and beautiful. Even if you’re a regular at the local nail salon, you might be surprised to learn just how demanding those ten digits are. So before you go strapping on your gladiators, check out these tips from Pür Minerals on how to get happy, healthy nails.

Beef Up Your Nail Beds

Eat a diet rich in protein, fiber and essential vitamins and minerals. In addition to being generally good for your skin and body, nutrients found in fruits and veggies help sustain the skin’s vibrant luster and promote healthy keratin in the nails.

Moisturize Regularly
Moisturize hands, feet and nails frequently. Because body skin differs from facial skin in moisture content and follicle density, use a body-specific hydrator like Pür Body Butter and make sure to work into nails and cuticles. Always moisturize after removing nail polish.

Don’t Bite
Never bite or pick at your nails or cuticles. Even the slightest cut or break can invite an infection lasting months. Instead, perform routine nail maintenance by filing with a fine emery board. Make sure to clean under nails to prevent bacterial and fungal growth.

Paint Your Nails Green
Green polish can indeed be chic, but we’re referring to nail polishes with green ingredients. That means no toluene, formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals which can dry out your nails and cause cracking.Pür Pick: Try Sephora by OPI nail colour. This long-lasting, chip-resistant polish comes in a variety of vibrant shades perfect for spring and summer. Each fun, flirty hue has an equally amusing name, such as I’m With Brad, Meet for Drinks and Nonfat Soy Half Caff.

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