Tips to Curb Your Cravings

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 | Party Time, food and drink

Chocolate-Chip-Cookie Temptation is all around us during the winter months when you’re stuck indoors with nothing to do but reach for junk food and hope for warmer weather. Reality begins to set in when spring arrives and you’re forced to shed your sweatpants and put on your swimsuit. Here are a few simple tips from Pür Minerals to help you cut out the cravings and hit the beach running.

What Causes Cravings?
First, take comfort in knowing that most cravings don’t just come out of the blue; often, they’re signs that your body may need more energy. While your initial response may be to reach for that bag of potato chips, you can train your body to grab a healthy snack instead. When you snack on healthy foods like fruits and nuts, you’ll get the same amount of energy—minus the fat.

Spice Up Your SnacksShutterstock_4196554
Let’s face it, celery sticks and apple slices may not compare to cookies and chips, but with a few slight alterations, you can turn this rabbit food into yummy treats. Spice up your snacks by adding a peanut butter to celery sticks or sprinkling cinnamon and Splenda® on your apple slices. Fiber-rich fruits, green, leafy vegetables and whole grains will not only leave your body feeling satisfied, but contain far less calories and fat as well.

Ration it Out
Now you know to reach for the healthy stuff, but another key to staying on track is portion control. To help curb your cravings, stick to pre-proportioned snacks. For example, if you bring an apple, a yogurt and a pack of oatmeal to the office, you will be able to keep track of how much you’ve eaten during the course of the day (and also prevent any unnecessary trips to the vending machine.) Another hot tip is to choose snack foods that require a little bit of work, like shelled peanuts or edamame.