How to Be a Bronzed Goddess

Friday, April 10, 2009 | Tips & How-Tos, application tips

With spring now in full spring, the pressure is on to have a great tan. It’s no secret that a golden glow can make you look ten pounds thinner instantly. Sure, you want your body bikini-ready, but that doesn’t mean you have to put your skin at risk with a trip to the tanning bed. Tanning lotions and bronzers will give you a natural looking sun-kissed glow, minus the harmful effects of UV rays. Follow these simple tips to get a bronzed goddess look the healthy way.

Lather Your Way to Bronze
Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the active ingredient in sunless tanning products. When DHA reacts to the amino acids in the top layer of the epidermis, it creates a tan-like effect. For those who are still wary of self-tanners, fear not. Self-tanning lotions and spray tanners have come a long way in last five years. No longer do formulas leave skin a streaky, freaky shade of day-glo orange.

These days, the best formulas are those that deepen the skin tone gradually and incorporate luscious, natural ingredients to hydrate and nourish skin while bronzing. Pür Minerals new Get a Little self-tanning lotion is infused with aloe vera, vitamin E and other natural ingredients which give it a refreshing citrus scent, unlike traditional self-tanners. Best of all, this streak-free formula imparts a natural bronze glow in just 1–3 days! 

Sculpt, Contour and GlowMineralSplitPan

Ever wonder how models and celebs get that radiant, healthy complexion and those chiseled cheekbones? Aside from being blessed with good genes, that luminous glow can usually be traced back to a great bronzing powder. A powder with golden undertones will help you get a sun-kissed look for spring, and all year round. Look for a mineral bronzing powder containing antioxidants and emollients, like Mineral Glow by Pür Minerals, to keep skin hydrated and healthy looking. Formulas containing talc can dry skin out, causing the bronze colour to settle into fine lines and wrinkles and look unnatural.

To create your bronzed goddess look, lightly dust the bronzer over your face, focusing on the forehead, the bridge of your nose and apples of your cheeks. For some serious sculpting, use a powder brush to apply the bronzing powder beneath your cheekbones and contour your décolleté. Then, add soft highlights with a sheer brightening powder. The combination of different shades will help to create the illusion of depth with a gorgeous light-to-dark effect. The Mineral Glow/Mineral Light split pan is the multi-tasking perfect beauty tool for adding this level of definition.

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