How to Camouflage Your Freckles

Monday, April 06, 2009 | Tips & How-Tos, application tips

While freckles are for the most part harmless, and downright adorable on children under the age of 10, most grown women find this spotty condition to be a nuisance. The problem lies within the fact that freckles, which are caused by the presence of larger melanin-containing cells (melanocytes), become larger and deeper in color when the skin is exposed to sun.

Those who are afflicted know that it takes a little more effort to conceal your spots during the spring and summer months than it does in the winter. Fortunately, our Pür Minerals beauty experts have a few quick tips to help you camouflage your freckles with ease.

How to Conceal Your Freckles

The key to getting that flawless, airbrushed look is to have a greatColorCorrectingPrimer_Peach
foundation primer. Use a colored primer like Pür Minerals Colour Correcting Primer in Peach to even out your skin tone and conceal your freckles. This peachy-pink shade is specially designed to neutralize discolorations like freckles and minimize so-called imperfections. Bonus: It does a great job hiding under eye circles too! Using a concealing brush (we recommend the Maximum Coverage Brush), smooth the primer onto clean, moisturized skin and let dry for about two minutes.

Now you can apply your foundation to further conceal freckles. A combination concealer and foundation like 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup will give you full coverage without that heavy, caked-on look of liquid foundations. Using the Maximum Coverage Brush, dust the foundation onto your face, focusing on problem areas. Make sure to use a foundation shade that matches your skin tone. Don’t use a darker shade to conceal your freckles; this won’t  help you camouflage, it will only look unnatural. Click here to find your foundation shade.

Finally, round out your complexion with a sheer, brightening powder such as Pür Radiance. This luminous powder is designed to catch light from different angles to give skin a warm, healthy glow, which will helps to conceal by detracting attention away from freckles.