Pamper Your Skin on a Budget

Wednesday, April 01, 2009 | Things We Love, product highlights

Sure, we all love to get pampered. A trip to the spa can do wonders for your skin, body and mind. Of course, maintaining healthy, radiant skin does come at a price—but that price doesn’t have to break the bank. As a financially prudent beauty junkie, I’m always on the lookout for top-notch skin care treatments that won’t put a huge dent in my wallet, especially in today’s turbulent times. Skip the trip to the spa and save yourself some time and money with these rave-worthy, at-home products at recession-proof prices.

While You Were Out by Pür Minerals $49.50WhileYouWereOut_Kit

Imagine getting a perfectly toned physique without lifting a finger. The While You Were Out evening peel and recovery system gives your skin an energizing, healthy workout—all while you sleep! The ultimate skin fitness duo, Sleep it Off and Give It A Rest work overnight to firm, smooth and brighten the complexion without the irritation of traditional peels—and at a fraction of the cost. Key ingredients including lactic acid, shea butter and hematite combine to exfoliate, aid in cell regeneration and diminish spots, blemishes and fine lines.

Dr. Scholl’s Water Jet Foot Spa with Aromatherapy $31.99
Few things are as delightfully indulgent as a pedicure. Yet with all the hustle and bustle in the work week, finding the time—and money—for a professional treatment is next to impossible. The Dr. Scholl’s Water Jet Foot Spa with toe-touch controls features massaging bubbles, four refreshing aqua jets, and soothing heat to soothe and comfort your tired, sore feet. It also includes an aromatherapy dispenser and gel pads to take your foot spa experience to the next level. So kick back and get ready to treat your toes to a taste of the good life.

Mineral Mudd Masque by Pür Minerals $25.00
A deep-cleaning, detoxifying mudd masque is just what the doctor ordered to remove impurities from skin and sweep away stress. While a facial at the spa can set you back anywhere from fifty to hundreds of dollars, Mineral Mudd Masque unclogs pores, gently exfoliates and hydrates skin for a mere $25 smackaroos. The key ingredient in this miracle mud is pascalite, a unique for of calcium bentonite clay utilized for medicinal purposes. Pascalite is purported to be the only known cure for the bite of the brown recluse spider. If it can draw out spider venom, imagine how well it can cleanse your pores!

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