Nature’s Perfect Sunscreen

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 | Tips & How-Tos, ingredient close-ups

I’m a sucker for lists. Top tens, ratings, reviews—you name it. Textbooks call it glazomania. So, when I came across the Environmental Working Group’s sunscreen review in a random web search, I simply had to read on.

A frilly top ten full of drug store staples? Hardly. This was an exhaustive, in-depth, not-for-the-faint-of-heart investigation of over a thousand name-brand sunscreens and SPF moisturizers, most of which failed the EWG’s rigorous test for providing adequate protection. (Four out of five proved inadequate.) A quick run through my medicine cabinet revealed an army of duds. (And to think, I paid full retail for this stuff…)

So, why did so many name brands bomb so badly? Besides providing subpar UVA protection, most contained chemical ingredients that either broke down too quickly or offered dubious UV protection at best. What made the stand-outs, well…stand out? Almost all contained zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide.4-in-1-and-Allure-Seal

While my wiki-search of these two key ingredients gave me way more info than I needed/wanted, I did
learn that these two compounds are nature’s own sunscreens. Because of their superior UVA and UVB absorbability and resistance to breakdown, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide make the ideal broad spectrum barrier. What’s more, because they come from minerals, these natural UV buffers are significantly less irritating to the skin than their chemical cousins.

Here at Pür Minerals, we proudly incorporate these sun shielding minerals into our SPF products. Take our award-winning Day Renewal Complex SPF 20, for instance. As advanced peptides and vitamins A, C and E rejuvenate the skin and minimize signs of aging, zinc oxide helps shield it from UV damage. Another sun-perfect pick is our 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Foundation with SPF 15. This makeup multi-tasker combines a flawless mineral finish with the superior protection of titanium dioxide to keep skin safe and stunning. Don’t forget to complete your look with our luscious Mineral Lip Tint SPF 15. Naturally hydrating with added zinc oxide protection, this mineral lipstick creates the pür-fect, sun-safe pout.