Eye Shadows for Your Eye Color

Thursday, March 19, 2009 | Tips & How-Tos, application tips

Not only are your eyes the window to the soul, but they’re also your key to choosing the right eye shadows. Choosing the right eye shadow shades can be tricky, but the color of your eyes can help you determine which hues are right for you. The goal is to choose a colour palette that complements your eyes without blending in or contrasting too much. Here are a few tips from Pür Minerals on how to create a beautiful, bright-eyed look that suits your eye color.

Brown Eyes
Almost every shade looks great on you brown-eyed girls, so GoldDust_878147000825-copy
experiment with different colours and find a look that suits your personal style. Try a rich, bronze or metallic shadow topped with a rosy, pink hue to make your eyes come alive. Pür Picks: Pressed Mineral Shadows in Gold Dust and Rose Symesite.

Blue Eyes

Resist the urge to wear blue eye shadows and cool colours, as this will compete with those gorgeous gazers of yours. Instead, go for neutral taupes and browns or soft, peachy shades to warm up your cool baby blues. Pür Picks: Pressed Mineral Shadows in Sandstone and Amber.

Green EyesLavenderMourite_87814700084

Less is more when it comes to green eyes. Too-bright colours will make your stunning emerald eyes appear nondescript, so stick to golden browns and soft, purple shades to bring out your natural, green sparkle. Pür Picks: Pressed Mineral Shadows in Spiced Mica and Lavender Mourite.

Hazel Eyes

For hazel eyes, don’t be afraid to go bold with vivid metallics or deep charcoal and plum hues. Layer a rich, purple shade all over your lid and add a touch of shimmering gold to highlight yourSpring-09-Eyeshadows
hazel eyes. Pür Picks: Pressed Mineral Shadows in Plum Slate and Champagne Citrine.

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