Get to Know the Pür Winter Sweepstakes Winner

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 | Tips & How-Tos, customer profiles

Patricia D. from Houston, Texas, congratulations on winning a $200 Shopping Spree from Pür Minerals! Pür fans, stay tuned for your chance to WIN BIG in the next Pür Minerals Sweepstakes.

Get to Know Patricia D.

Pür Nickname: Patti
Location: Houston Texas
Age Group: 55-64
Skin Tone: Medium (golden undertones)
Skin Type: Normal

How did you find out about Pür Minerals?

 One day, while I was checking my e-mail an advertisement came up about Pür Minerals. I have a mild case of rosacea and was always looking for something to cover it. After reading all of the advertisement, I knew right then I had to try it. I am so glad I ordered that day because it was an answer to covering my blemishes.
What is your favorite Pür Minerals product and why?
 My favorite is Pür Minerals Colour Correcting Primer in Green. It tones down the redness and discoloration of my skin. Plus, it keeps my face soft all day and holds in the moisture that my skin needs. After applying the primer, I put on the convenient 4 in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup SPF15 which gives me more protection from the sun. The Mineral Shea Butter Lipstick and Pout Plumping Lip Gloss condition my lips and are filled with hydration. I also love the kits because they are put together for what your skin needs and don’t contain harmful chemicals.
What do you see as the chief benefits of Pür Mineral products?
Quality, Convenience, Protection and Hydration. It is great for sensitive skin and covers so well. It feels like a feather, so light like you are not wearing makeup. My face has a Mineral Glow! My friends and family have noticed a difference. Pür Minerals is not time consuming, but I love playing with the eye shadow and the lipsticks. Their colors are so rich and so easy to apply. The Mineral Brow Perfection is just that—perfection. It doesn’t look like it has been drawn on, it is more natural looking. The Mineral Blush brings out the softness on your cheeks and brings it all together. I have felt so much better knowing my skin is so healthy and feels smooth and alive. Pür Minerals is a wonderful product line and the answer for becoming self-confident and beautiful.
How does Pür Minerals differ from other makeup and skin care brands?
 First of all, Pür Minerals is compacted, not loose powder that can be spilled everywhere or like the liquid makeup which looks cakey and feels heavy. I love the clean, tingly feeling from the Pür Polish exfoliator and Revitalizing Facial Wash. The Skin Perfecting Serum gives me a healthy glow. The price is affordable and I like that it is not tested on animals. My skin feels renewed and healthy. It’s just a wonderful product with great results. After using the BEST, I would never go back to liquid makeup or any other makeup that makes you feel MADE UP!

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