Spring into Shape

Friday, March 06, 2009 | Tips & How-Tos, Uncategorized

Springtime is almost here (and not a moment too soon), and that means sun, skin and spring fashion! Worried that a less-than-kind winter might limit your wardrobe options? Fear not! Pür’s got the answer to get your body warm weather-bound in no time. Did somebody say sun dress?

Slimming Down
The key to slimming down is cardiovascular exercise (running, cycling, jumping rope, etc.). The upside to cardio is that it can be done just about anywhere with minimal-to-no extra equipment. Whether jogging on a gym treadmill, around your neighborhood or at home in front of the TV, if the intensity is the same, the results will be the same (the only benefit of gym equipment is the ability to track your intensity).

When committing yourself to slimming down, be sure to keep your goal realistic. No amount of exercise will burn off 50 pounds by Memorial Day. Instead, aim for one to four pounds a month, and stick to it! (Keep in mind that shedding a pound (of fat) requires burning 3,500 calories (the equivalent of walking 30 miles). For a medium-sized adult trying to lose a pound a month, aim to burn at least 300 calories three times a week. To lose two pounds per month, try cutting caloric intake (dieting) by 300 calories as well.

Shaping Up
Slimming down is only half of the equation to shaping up for spring. With those pesky winter pounds on the way out, it’s time to tone up, and that means strength training (lunges, push-ups, lifting weights, etc.). While strength exercises won’t burn fat the way that cardio will, it will add lean muscle to the areas you focus on. To get that beach bod by summer, start by working your abs, thighs and biceps. When focusing on individual muscle groups, always alternate between groups to allow muscles to recover. You can also perform multi-group exercises that work out a variety of muscles all at once. If combining cardio with strength training, devote more time to strength training or alternate days of each.

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