Pür Minerals Around the Web

Friday, February 20, 2009 | Campaigns, news

Hello beauty lovers!
Some truly awesome reviews have popped up around the web recently that we just had to share. Check out where we’ve been spotted:

Little Miss Savvy tried the Pür Perfection Starter Kit and calls it “one of my favorite purchases of the new year.” And it’s just the beginning of the year, what will she think of our NEW Spring ’09 products?!

The ladies of AdviceSisters.net reviewed our Pür Minerals Colour Correcting Primer and declared that it “is one of those products you don’t really how much you need, until you try it.” We couldn’t agree more.

Monique of Your Style Star tried out our Revitalizing Facial Wash and Moisturizer to change up her beauty routine and found that she “saw wonderful results within a weeks time.” Is it time for you to change your routine?

And best of all, the lovely Sandy Gold of happiface.com created a flawless face for viewers of Steven and Chris Show using our Universal Marble Powder in Pink and Pressed Mineral Eye Shadows. Check it out here!