Top Guy Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 | Tips & How-Tos, Uncategorized

Romantic couple
Forget the ties and travel mugs—today’s man has evolved. Check out these pür-fect gift suggestions, guaranteed to put a smile on his face this Valentine’s Day!

The Gift that Keeps Giving
Lured by the glossy photos and provocative headlines, he would easily read the entire issue right there in the supermarket if someone didn’t remind him that the ice cream is melting; yet the thought actually subscribing to a monthly magazine never crossed his mind. Fortunately, you can pick up where that train of thought jumped the tracks with a subscription to his rag of choice. The perfect “gift in a pinch,” subscriptions not only guarantee he’ll be entertained the whole year through, but can often be acquired with minimal time and effort online. Not one for the paperbacks? Consider a year’s supply of flicks, tunes or games courtesy of Netflix, XM radio or GameFly, respectively.

Boy Toys
A dog may still be man’s best friend, but gadgets are fast gaining ground (watch out Fido). If he doesn’t already have one, consider giving him the quintessential gadget of the day: the iPod. And with prices finally coming down to earth (you can get the colorful Nano for $149 and the workout-ready Shuffle for $49), it’ll be music to both your ears. Already on the bandwagon? Accessorize. From high performance SkullCandy headphones to mp3 gift cards, utility is the name of the game. Still lugging around boxes of vinyl records? Let him burn ‘em right to his playlist with the Ion TTUSB turntable ($149 at

For His Inner Frat Boy…
No matter how many candles you put on his cake, behind the clean-cut veneer of every guy is a twenty-two year-old who fondly recalls chugging tall boys with “the gang” and finds toilet humor irresistible. While better judgment keeps you from encouraging the latter, any gift that appeals to his inner frat boy is always a welcomed walk down memory lane. For the DIY-type out to impress his friends, check out the Mr. Beer home brew kit (starting at $39.95). If his tastes have seasoned since pledge week, consider a micro brew beer-of-the-month subscription (just be sure your state allows it). For the spirit-snob-cum-James-Bond-wannabe, pair a martini kit with a bottle of Martini & Rossi (vermouth), olives and an ultra-high premium vodka like Grey Goose or Vox.

Cleanliness is Next to Manliness
Personal grooming products serve a twofold purpose when given as gifts. First, they acknowledge that you see him as a man with masculine needs. Second, they step in where upgrade/replacement suggestions fall on dear ears. Take the electric razor. An indispensible grooming tool, he will wear down both battery and blades until intervention literally forces his hand. If your guy’s due for an update, check out Norelco’s latest line of rotary shavers. From flexible, pivoting shaving heads to cover difficult contours like the neck and jawline to models that dispense NIVEA moisturizing conditioner, they will have him looking sharp in no time.