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Wednesday, January 28, 2009 | Tips & How-Tos, Uncategorized

It’s almost funny: the more our fascination with natural beauty products grows, the more benefits we seem to “discover,” as if artificial chemicals and additives have plagued us from the very start. The homegrown ingredients and remedies we once considered “traditional” have since become par for the course in this brave, new, chemical-free world. Who ever thought that treating something as natural as say, hair, with natural products would be so beneficial?

While certainly a long time coming, this natural renaissance couldn’t have happened at a better time. Thanks to advances in product development, not only are we able to recreate many of the tried-and-true formulas of our past; we’re able to improve upon them, separating the best elements from the chaff. (Read: this is not your grandmother’s hair care.)

The following are standouts in the natural field. With ingredients that once touched soil and formulas created for action, not increased shelf life, these products combine the best that science and nature have to offer:

Whether from too many treatments, too much sun or too much abuse, damaged hair can turn even the best ‘do into a don’t. Enter Aveda’s Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment. With certified organic Quinoa protein and jojoba oil, this targeted repair formula can bring the most traumatized tresses back from the dead.

PÜR BALM by Pür MineralsPurBalm

While we’re on the subject of damaged hair, let’s talk about split ends. Unsightly and uncooperative, once they start, they won’t stop until your next trim. In the meantime, get a grip on those loose locks with Pür Minerals Pür Balm, a vitamin-rich blend of natural oils and botanicals that provides the perfect “quick fix” between salon visits.

This is five-star hotel shampoo (really, it is). Praised by eco-minded celebs and socialites, Hamadi’s completely biodegradable (that’s right) concoction takes natural beauty to the next level. With 100% organic essential oils and extracts—and absolutely no artificial additives—this daily wash will leave hair lustrous while leaving nothing behind for Mother Earth.