2008 Fashion Faux Pas

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 | Around Town, Uncategorized

Now that we’re well into 2009, we can look back at the plethora of styles to grace the runways last year and reflect, “What was I thinking?” From the intensely unflattering to the inexplicably bizarre, here are the worst fashion trends of 2008:

I’m all for certain 80s styles making a retro comeback in the 21st century, but certain trends need to stay put in their respective decades. Case in point: fannypacks. It doesn’t matter if it’s monogrammed Gucci print or Coach leather, nobody should be rocking this look post-1988.

Gladiator Sandals
In their milder forms, these sandals are indeed chic. Wrap-around straps in metallic hues are flirty, summery and fun; however, over-the-top versions that reach nearly knee-high are just that—over the top.

High-Waisted Jeans
A high waist looks lovely on an a-line skirt or a pair of tailored pants, but high-waisted demin should be stricken from the fashion records. This trend is unflattering on even the most attractive of women.

This 80s staple resurfaced around 2005 (thanks to trendsetting Sienna Miller) and has been wearing out its welcome ever since. It’s time for leggings to go back to the Debbie Gibson video from where they came—tight lycra that cuts you off somewhere between the calf and ankle is not a good thing.