Get a Grip on Global Warming

Friday, January 16, 2009 | Things We Love, product highlights

From hybrid cars to energy-saving light bulbs, the “green” movement is coming home in a big way. For those wishing to cut back even more on their carbon footprint (and their electricity bill), Beverly Hills-based Barbar Artist, Inc. suggests starting at the top…of your head.

Creators of the ECO 8000 blow dryer, Barbar’s über-efficient styling tool not only cuts energy consumption to a miserly 1000 watts (600-800 watts less than conventional dryers), but also cuts drying time in half. How did they do it? By replacing the standard, wattage-hungry heating coils with a more conservative ceramic block. Powered by a high performance AC motor, this innovative system envelops tresses in “clean heat,” minimizing hair damage and exposure to harmful EMF radiation. (Whereas most hair dryers emit 200-400 mG of radiation—more than a microwave—the ECO 8000 emits a paltry 1.9 mG.)

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see Barbar’s trendsetting tool setting the standard in the years to come. Its ergonomic design (check out the thumb-savvy side buttons) and eco-friendly ethos have already made it a darling of the fashion press and an up-and-coming star in Hollywood’s green scene. For more on this head-turning, mini-watt marvel, check out Barbar’s website.

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