Look Your Best at Any Age

Wednesday, January 14, 2009 | Pur Teen, Tips & How-Tos, application tips

Let’s face it, with today’s scientific modalities and plastic surgery techniques, it can be hard to distinguish a woman in her twenties from a woman in her forties. Although we tend to associate wrinkles and gray hair with the elderly, signs of aging can creep up and start to show themselves when we least expect it. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to achieve beauty at any age. So what’s the secret to looking great? Simple—good skin care.


Prevention is crucial during this phase in your life. If you didn’t have good sun habits in your teens, now is the time to start. Sunscreen should be a daily part of your beauty regimen, whether in your lip colour, foundation or moisturizer. In addition to sun exposure, drinking and smoking can have adverse effects on your skin. If you prevent damage and protect your skin while in your 20s, your complexion will thank you for years to come.


Between career moves, busy lifestyles and starting a family, your 30s can bring on a variety of different stressors. Many women at this age are plagued by adult acne due to hormonal changes and work-related tension. Regulate sebum production and keep breakouts at bay with a mattifying, oil control gel. Signs of aging can begin to appear around the eyes, but can be curtailed with professional treatment products. Our Pür Minerals beauty experts recommend Re-Vital Eyes for fine lines and puffy eyes, and Intensive Eye Treatment for dark circles and discolorations.


As we enter our 40s, skin begins to lose elasticity, making it harder to return to its original shape. Lines that may have only been visible when you smiled or laughed in your 30s may now be etched into your complexion. Stimulating collagen production is central to promoting healthier, more youthful looking skin. Pür Minerals Skin Perfecting Serum gently exfoliates and increases collagen and elastin to help control wrinkles. For a more vigorous treatment, try an anti-aging peel to smooth and brighten skin, and help you hold onto your youth.


Skin’s ability to retain moisture is weakened at this stage. Hormonal fluctuations and diminished natural reserves can cause the complexion to appear dry or flaky. A vitamin-infused moisturizer will not only provide vital hydration to the skin, but also help firm and tighten sagging skin (such as around the forehead, mouth and eyes) to rebuild definition. Choose an antioxidant formula to help avert further free radical damage.

For more ways to look great at any age, shop the complete skin care collection at PurMinerals.com.