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Eyebrow Makeup Brush

Style, shape & define your eyebrows



The flat, angled tip of the Pür Minerals Eyebrow Makeup Brush allows you to perfectly shape and define your eyebrows using the Brow Perfection Trio. This professional brush is a must-have beauty tool for grooming and filling in sparse brows.

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Pür Minerals does NOT test its products on animals.

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LoggurlJasper, GAAge: 45-54Gender: FemaleSkin Tone: CombinationSkin Type: Light
10-Feb-2009Good, but could use some changes
This brush is quite stiff, which is a good thing for an eyebrow brush, but I think it would work better for me if it weren't so wide. I have smallish eyebrows and am finding it a little difficult to get this brush to work all the way to the ends where my eyebrows are very narrow. It does hold the wax and color well. I need to clean it after every use - I think that's probably true with all eyebrow brushes, though. I Recommend This Product

lupinacanadaAge: 45-54Gender: FemaleSkin Tone: CombinationSkin Type: Medium (pink undertones)
26-Oct-2008best brow brush
Pros:natural look over pencils
This brush is great for shaping and coloring your brows with powder. I Recommend This Product

tgbtg7Southern IllinoisAge: 25-34Gender: FemaleSkin Tone: CombinationSkin Type: Medium (pink undertones)
13-Sep-2008Great value
This brush is equally as good as another much more expensive brush I got in a kit from another cosmetics company. Definitely a good value for something you only need one of. I Recommend This Product
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