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Chisel Makeup Brush
Chisel Makeup Brush

The magic behind the Pür Minerals look


Item No: 951662010


The Chisel Makeup Brush is a professional makeup brush that is designed exclusively for the application of Pür Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation, but also works well with Pür Minerals Pressed Blush and Specialty Powders.

Need a new eye look? Try multiple shades on with our Eye Shadow Application!

Pür Minerals does NOT test its products on animals.

Application Tips

Pür Minerals 3D method makes applying mineral makeup so simple: Dip, Draw, Dust.

For added coverage of those small or hard-to-reach areas, use the Utility Makeup Brush.

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kaleycalgary, AlbertaAge: 16-24Gender: femaleSkin Tone: LightSkin Type: Combination
Pros:coverageCons:Small size
The brush is a little small in size and the bristles are short. It does the job though and works well with the foundation powder. I Recommend This Product
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DebbyNHAge: 55-64Gender: FemaleSkin Tone: DrySkin Type: Medium (pink undertones)
07-Jun-2012GO BACK TO OLD BRUSH!!!
Please, please, please go back to making the old Chisel Brush. I've been using pur minerals for years and love the make-up but the old Chisel Brush was so much better. Like other reviewers have said, this one sheds and it doesn't apply the fondation evenly like the original one did. Fortunately, I still have an old one I can use.I Don't Recommend This Product
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gobettybettyTri Cities, WAAge: 25-34Gender: FemaleSkin Tone: OilySkin Type: Medium (golden undertones)
17-May-2012Must Have
Pros:perfect size
It applies the foundation evenly and doesn't need much pressure to get the product on your face. It goes hand in hand with the foundation and wouldn't consider using my 4 in1 foundation without this brush. I Recommend This Product

SuranganieToronto, OntarioAge: 35-44Gender: FemaleSkin Tone: NormalSkin Type: Medium (golden undertones)
03-Mar-2012Not recommended
The bristles are extremely stiff, pulling across the delicate skin and depositing too much product on the skin to look natural. Product not recommended.I Don't Recommend This Product

EliseHOmaha, NEAge: 16-24Gender: FemaleSkin Tone: CombinationSkin Type: Very Light
19-Jan-2012A must have!
Pros:small can fit in a clutch purse, application is great
I can't recommend this brush enough! The 4-in-1 foundation is great on its own, but the chisel brush really does make coverage even better. It also helps my foundation last longer because I don't have to use as much. I Recommend This Product
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dingle63Jacksonville, FloridaAge: 65+Gender: FemaleSkin Tone: CombinationSkin Type: Rich Brown
09-Dec-2011brush not lasting.
Pros:it applies evenly.Cons:shedds after 2 or 3 times.
I have been using pur minerals for 3 years and have been using the chisel makeup brush. The brush has been shedding after only using a few times. The brush for some reason is not lasting any length of time. After about 3 or 4 times, it begins to shedd with hair all over my face. I Recommend This Product
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chrissygalSkin Tone: CombinationSkin Type: Medium (pink undertones)
24-Jul-2011Just ok.
Cons:not soft
The flat top does help with the application of the minerals, going on very natural looking. I however am not a fan of the brush. Not soft and the handle is kind of cheap feeling to me. This brush could be a lot better.I Don't Recommend This Product
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SisterSlickAtlantic CanadaAge: 35-44Gender: FemaleSkin Tone: CombinationSkin Type: Medium (golden undertones)
Pros:love it!
"This chisel brush really surprised me. I thought it would be too rough on my sensitive skin but it isn't. It picks up just the right amount of product, has lasted through several washings and provides a great finish. I even love the fact that it has a flat bottom that allows it to ""stand"" on the counter." I Recommend This Product

I really like how this brush applies my pressed powder, but, after some delay, I finally cleaned it. It does not look happy with this development, and I'm worried it won't bounce backI Don't Recommend This Product
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justinyNew YorkAge: 16-24Gender: FemaleSkin Tone: OilySkin Type: Medium (golden undertones)
16-Dec-2010Love it
Pros:soft, dense, great coverageCons:fraying, shedding
I was surprised by the dense-ness of this brush. I use this with the 4-in-1 foundation and it makes foundation application a breeze. With one swirl around the face I can get light to medium coverage and with 2-3 swirls i cam get almost complete coverage. The only con I have is that after maybe 3 months of washing ( I wash it maybe once every 2-3 days), the brushes start to fray and shed. But otherwise I love it I Recommend This Product

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